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Science Abuse Wissenschaft Missbrauch

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Stop Science Abuse - Stop Wissenschaft Missbrauch

Bloggers Unite "Blog Against Abuse" campaign, the biggest Bloggers Unite campaign in BlogCatalog history! On Thursday, September 27th, thousands of bloggers from around the world are joining together with a single message: Stop Abuse!

It is difficult to compare centuries, cultures and civilisations to what they acchieved, accomplished, their breakthroughs, their defeats, their downfalls.

Science brings 'blessings' and 'curses'. Science saves peoples lives (medicine etc.), science helps in killing people (mass destruction, war machinery, etc.).

To be fair:
Asking to stop science abuse also means:
Stop Religion Abuse.

What is the connection of Science - Religion?
BOTH want respect.
BOTH have to do with with rationality AND faith.

It's not:
Science = rational
Religion = faith (belief), irrational.

What is the difference of Science - Religion?
BOTH want respect.
BOTH define themselves, define proper faith, proper rationality, thinking to be somehow a subject.

However, valid definitions come from the powers that be and how the powers that be want to take use of science and religion (they become objects). And they do this surely for a well meaning cause.

OK, big words, big mouth. Whats in it for me, a 'little people'?

After reading ten encyclopedias (at least), memorizing the 12 million results from my google research on science abuse I'm more than happy to announce the following:

Through (claimed) 150 million years (+/-) of human evolution man (woman) still hasn't found a way to discern rationality and (from) faith (belief). EVERYBODY is continually mixing these two things together and NO ONE can seperate them or really wants to seperate them.
Maybe, if someone could seperate them, he/she wouldnt be human anymore?

I for my simple self have just this simple way to keep these two things apart:
Rationality has something to do with mere calculation, mere wishless thinking.
Faith (Religion) has something to do with making decisions, wanting, desiring, liking, needing.
You see mixes thereof in politics, ideology etc. etc. actally all over.

So what is science abuse?
You surely can imagine that yourselves!
And maybe YOU can do something about it?


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